The archives section of the website contains documents, past board members and archivists, and past newsletters. 
It will be extended in the coming years with a presentation of artefacts kept in the Biographical Department and with other relevant audio- and video files. 

The Nekbakht Foundation is responsible for the archive of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. The archive is also known as the Biographical Department, housed at 34 rue de la Tuilerie, Suresnes. The origin of the Archives is in fact a task that Murshid gave to Nekbakht. She describes her commission by Murshid as keeper of the Biographical Department as follows: ‘…. Murshid handed me several objects and papers. Each time there was again something which Murshid liked to add to one of these collections, Murshid handed it to me, simply saying: ‘Keep it, for the Biographical Department.’ And I kept it . . . . ‘

We will try to answer any queries concerning the life of Inayat Khan and his lectures and other activities. You can use the form on the contact page .

In person visits may also be possible by appointment, please email with dates and purpose of visit. 

Preparing the Complete Works

Each lecture has its own folder. Some folders will have just one document giving the text of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s lecture; others will have many more documents giving different versions of the lecture. These are the documents which are listed in the published books for each lecture.  Nekbakht Furnée’s shorthand notes are transcribed and the transcript is sent to Suresnes. The typewritten or handwritten documents we have on file are then checked against the transcript of Nekbakht Furnée’s shorthand and the differences are noted.

The books we are publishing are therefore academic source texts giving a complete record of every version of Murshid’s lectures. As the second objective of this work states they ‘serve as the basis for future publications’. However we also trust that these publications will take the reader into the presence of Inayat Khan.