A number of organisations devote themselves to preserving the memory of Inayat Khan’s activities in the West and preserving locations associated with his legacy. 

There are five main organisations that work with the legacy and teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan as listed below. 

Another site that may be of interest to visitors of this website is a kind of Wikipedia on Sufism. 

Sufi Suresnes

Keep the Flame Lit – Fazal Manzil (The House of Blessing)
The Nekbakht Foundation is happy to be working together with Egeling/Inayat Stichtings, owners of Fazal Manzil; l’Universel, owners of half of the garden, the Memorial Noor and no. 13 rue de la Tuilerie, and the Fonds de Dotation Mir Pyrumian-van-Goens, owner of Ekbal Dowla, 14 rue de la Tuilerie to establish Sufi Suresnes as a place of study and pilgrimage. 

Spring 2022 marked 100 years since Hazrat Inayat Khan settled at Fazal Manzil. Situated just outside of Paris, this “house of blessing” has been the ‘heartquarters’ of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan since he lived there—a place for pilgrimage, study, meditation, gatherings, music, talks, seminars and retreats.

A fundraising action has been crowned with considerable success, yielding more than € 500.000,- from benefactors all over the world. As a result, a large renovation of the Khankah in the basement is currently under way.
Slightly ahead of this, the Museum, Library and Research Centre are already taking shape. The Foundation is part of the organisation committee that makes plans for reopening the Khankah, scheduled for September 2023. Also, we participate in a group that is working on the further realisation of the Research Center.
A highlight was the signing of a loan agreement that will enable SuSu to display a number of Nekbakht Foundation-owned objects in the museum in Fazal Manzil.

For more information and to participate in the further fundraising effort, please visit the website:

Roof of Fazal Manzil, Suresnes, France. HIK145
Hazrat Inayat Khan on the roof of Fazal Manzil
Fazal Manzil
Fazal Manzil front view