Organisation and legal documents

In adherence with good practice for all charities and public organisations, we are happy to provide here documents on our finances, annual reports, privacy policy and articles of incorporation.  

Nekbakht organisational structure

The Nekbakht set-up was conceived as two separate organisations:

  • The Nekbakht Fund to administer the financial assets needed to fulfil the goals of the Foundation. Originally, it consisted mainly of Nekbakht’s own securities portfolio.
  • The Nekbakht Foundation was set up to oversee the activities necessary coordinate and facilitate the work needed to realise the mission.

The Nekbakht Foundation enjoys a tax  exemption for institutions that are active in the public interest (algemeen nut beogende instelling, ANBI status nr. 8046.43.490). Gifts, legacies and donations to the Foundation therefore are tax deductible.

The foundation does not employ a permanent workforce. The Archivist is a self-employed person working on the basis of a temporary contract. A number of other contributors to the activities are partly paid on an hourly basis, and partly work as volunteers.

View of No. 34 rue de la Tuilerie from Fazal Manzil, August 1989. Nk11

Assets of the Foundation

The Foundation is financed from a securities portfolio. Furthermore, it owns 34 rue de la Tuilerie (Biographical Department) and two other buildings close by.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation of Nekbakht Fund

Articles of incorporation of Nekbakht Foundation