President:  L B E W (Wali) van der Putt
Treasurer: André Alexander Mas
Secretary: Jos van den Heuvel
Member: Pim Claassen

Contact address:  Stadionkade 30 - 1st, 1077 VN Amsterdam.
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Current team

Following Sharif Graham's return to the United States the Nekbakht Foundation invited Anne Louise Wirgman to take on the role of Archivist and Editor. Anne Louise (Sufi name Qahira) is an English mureed and had worked with Sharif Graham on the Suluk Europe courses where he teaches on the life of Murshid. Sharif inducted her in the editing process during visits in 2011 and from April to August 2012.

The Rev Berthi van der Bent Hamel, a Dutch mureed who now lives in the United States, met Munira van Voorst van Beest in 1989 when she was visiting Suresnes. Sadly Munira died before Berthi could start the work with her but she fulfilled the invitation by spending months at a time at no. 34 rue de la Tuilerie. During this period Berthi taught herself the Pont Shorthand system which Nekbakht had learned. She also supervised the renovation of the basement of the house to provide the working place that we have today. Her current task at the Biographical Department of the Nekbakht Foundation is to retranscribe the shorthand of Hazrat Inayat Khan's discourses, word for word, as spoken in the 1920's. Berthi painstakingly transcribes the shorthand from Nekbakht’s notebooks noting any editing of the shorthand. She then checks and re-checks it to ensure that the transcript is as accurate as possible. Her aim in this is to fulfil Hazrat Inayat Khan’s directive: If you will preserve my words as I have spoken, it will be as saving my life. Berthi has lived for the past 30 years on the Bangor Mountain, Poconos, Pennsylvania. She received a Master's of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. As a pastor of the Presbyterian Church, USA, she was called to an ecumenical ministry with the destitute by the Dominican Sisters in the South Bronx.

In this work she is assisted by two retired teachers: Margaret Lesley and Anne King. Margaret types up the transcripts and then together they meticulously proofread them. Margaret then works with them again with Berthi to go through any queries which may arise from checking these transcripts with typescripts contained in the archives of the Biographical Department.

Berthi is now working on the lectures for 1926 Volume III. Anne Louise is now editing the lectures for 1925 Volume II. The team has also begun the work of typing up the lectures and articles from 1912 - 1922.