Reports and Policies

transparency 2

Every organisation that aims to work for the public good has to practise transparency in terms of finances, annual reports, long term planning, and the way it deals with privacy issues etcetera. We are happy to add these documents here. 

Financial Reports

The Nekbakht Foundation financial report 2019 is a complete report, the 2020 report is a shortened form, accepted by Dutch fiscal legislation for foundations such as the Nekabakht foundation. 

Activity Report 2020

In previous years, the reports on activities of the Foundation were included in the financial reporting. The first separate activity report deals with 2020 and can be accessed by clicking the image on the left. 

Long term planning Nekbakht Foundation

Every foundation that claims to work for the public benefit, should publish a long term planning strategy (beleidsplan in Dutch). 
In that strategy, a planning for expenditure over the coming years should be included. 

The Nekbakht vision for the coming years can be accessed by clicking on the figure on the left. 

Privacy Policy

Organisations like the Nekbakht Foundation are required to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; AVG in Dutch). The way we do this is delineated in the clickable documtent on the left and can also be found in the footer of this website.