The Nekbakht Foundation has made a number of books available on this site as downloadable documents, free of charge. These can be purchased as hardcopies as well. 

The main publications are the newly transcribed versions of Inayat Khan’s lectures taken down in shorthand, as well as a collection of his Sayings. 

Apart from that, the Foundation has been instrumental in publishing a number of books about Inayat Khan’s Sufism and the times he lived in. 

A list of these and how to procure them is provided. 

The Foundations promotes new issues of existing books and plans to add new titles regularly to this portfolio. 

Published Books

The new transcripts of the shorthand of Inayat Khan’s lectures were used to republish the following books.

Books made from the Complete Works:

Book Title



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Munira van Voorst van Beest


(online) bookshop

Creating the Person

Jeanne Koré Salvato


(online) bookshop

The Inner Life



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The Soul’s Journey

Jeanne Koré Salvato


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Song of the Prophets, the Unity of Religious Ideals

Sharif Graham

1979, 2009

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Other publications:

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Recollections of Inayat Khan and Western Sufism by Theo van Hoorn

translated, annotated and introduced by Hendrik J. Horn


Biography of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

second edition


Sufi quarterly magazine
1915 – 1920 

14 published editions in one volume


Sufism quarterly magazine
1921 – 1924

13 published editions in one volume


Sufism East and West by Dr. J. Slomp

foreword by Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Mahmood Khan Youskine

? or

Biography-203x300 1979
Edition 1979

References in the Inayat Khan Biography

The 1979 edition of the Biography of Pir o Murshid Inayat Khan contained a reference section. The originals were professionally scanned and are now included in this site – just click on the image of the 1979 edition.  As the references are now available on this site they are not included in the new 2020 edition of the Biography.

biography inayat Khan European edition
Edition 2020